Changing the Tire

The front tire on the KLR has little tread. A new tire arrived today; ordered online and saved.

I want to know if the tire can  be changed using only the tools from the factory tool kit.

ChangeTire 001

There were tools to remove the tire and I used the handles to pry the old tire off the rim.

The tube valve stem has rust so it also gets replaced.


ChangeTire 006


The new tire is on.  I used only the tool kit and a small hammer.  This is good to know that I could change the tire or repair a flat even beside the road.


ChangeTire 007

Three Months and Ten Days

That’s how long it has been since the last post. Summer is over and the weather is better for riding. The new tire and chain are on the way.

Here is a pic from the trip to Mexico. Abord the John W. Johnson Ferry in Galveston.




After 19 days on the KLR.



Powerlines and a KTM

My friend Steve just bought a KTM 450. He wants to ride the powerlines by the Arkansas River.

So here we go. Across the creek and up the hill.
PowerlineRide 019

We crossed the creek and climbed the hill but the trail lead to this locked gate.

PowerlineRide 020

The way looks clear going south, lets try that.

PowerlineRide 021

A hawk built a huge nest and didn’t like us coming near.

PowerlineRide 022

After a few hills and valleys we came to another gate. Across the field we could see another gate beside a road. It’s a hot day so we took a chance. Soon we were on the highway and the wind felt great.

Last stop beside the trout stream. The water is clear and cold. A group floats by on tubes.
PowerlineRide 028

A good day. No breakdowns, no stress from work, just good clean fun.

Persimmon Ridge

Excellent backroad riding is available right here in Cherokee County. I take the entrance to Cherokee Wildlife Management Area off Indian Road near the entrance to Lake Tenkiller Harbor.

This is not a road for cars or streetbikes. There are rocks and mudholes, there are trees across the road and ruts from the road being washed out.

And flowers!


PersimmonRidge 021

And creeks!


PersimmonRidge 022

And more roads!

PersimmonRidge 025  PersimmonRidge 024

And locked gates…..

PersimmonRidge 027

End of the road for today. Thanks for riding along.

Check the Map Location to see a map of the ride.