Los Ebanos Ferry

I left home at 8:30. It’s 180 miles to Los Ebanos.

Los Ebanos hiway

The ferry operators are at lunch. This is a hand drawn ferry.
To walk on $1.25, motorcycles $3, cars $4.
My registration is out of date. No crossing today.
A group of riders came to take pictures. We talked about someday getting together and ride to Monteray.

The Ferry

Roadside lunch of tamales. Cold cantelope fresca was great.

Roadside Tamales

The blimp in the sky is for the border patrol to view down on the river.

Eye in the sky


Twisted Humor

The last stop was in Progresso Texas.

Progresso, Tx

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Around the Bay

Great day to ride. Started at N.A.S. Corpus Christi and rode onto the causeway.
This looks like a popular place to fish. I like the benches.

NotePics 594

I crossed the bridge to Padre Island and turned east onto Mustang Island. Access Road 2 leads to the beach. Anyone can drive the beach like a city street but if you stop and park a permit is needed.

NotePics 596

After about 8 miles I turned back to the highway and rode to the Ferry. It’s free by the way.
The ferry runs fro Port Aransas to Aransas Pass.

NotePics 599

Then back into Corpus. The people here love their Salina (Salina Perez). This monument is along the seawall downtown.

NotePics 601

Back at N.A.S. the milage was 70 miles.

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Changing the Tire

The front tire on the KLR has little tread. A new tire arrived today; ordered online and saved.

I want to know if the tire can  be changed using only the tools from the factory tool kit.

ChangeTire 001

There were tools to remove the tire and I used the handles to pry the old tire off the rim.

The tube valve stem has rust so it also gets replaced.


ChangeTire 006


The new tire is on.  I used only the tool kit and a small hammer.  This is good to know that I could change the tire or repair a flat even beside the road.


ChangeTire 007